Baseer oriental rugs offers custom size rugs, 

Re size your rugs, if you got a beautiful rug and 

it's too large to use it in the room it need to be, 

we have a solution, re size your rug.
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We also offering full services on fine quality rugs,

 repair of any kinds of damages on your rug 

to its original condition with guarantee.

Scroll down to see before and after photos.

Original size 9x12 handwoven Afghan wool rug. 

Customer want us to make it size 9x9 ft.

On this rug we have to make two cut in the middle,

 in order to keep the pattern matching as possible as we 


In order to get it right we need precisely measurements.

The first cut.

Two cut in the middle of the rug.

We start the sewing in this photo.

This is finished rug, after sewing and cleaning, now size 9x9 ft

Hand made binding done by professional rug experts. 

Hand binding on antique kilim rug.

Fringe repair/ over locking or reinforcing fringe by professional rug expert.