(Baseer oriental rugs established in 1996)

Baseer started his work at age 16 in 1991 in New York city in the oriental rug district, he learned from scratch how the wrap and weft, deferent style of weaving, dying of wool, he worked on all types of rugs from antique fine handwoven rugs to silk rugs, somakh weave, klim or flat weave from all around the world, he started buying and collecting rugs in 1994, he registered his business in 1996, all his rugs are one of a kind and unique. He bought them one piece at time, some of his collection available for sale now.

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(Oriental rugs service)

Its all about cleaning your rug and we are very good at it, for over 27 years of experience working on high quality rugs from all around the world, we welcome all kinds of damages on rugs, from pet urine stains, odors remove and to wine stains, moth damage, worn area, holes repair, binding/ salvage repair, fringe repair or replacement, mold damage, water damage, fire damage, sun damage.

We offering professional oriental rug cleaning, from dry cleaning to soak washing, steam cleaning, antique wash, gold wash, white wash, we accept all kind of challenges.

We do custom made rugs to any size or style you like, we can re size your larger rug to the size you want, we change background color to the color of your choice, we offering all kinds of fringe repair or replacement, when it comes to rug cleaning and repairing no one can do better we do. 

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Baseer Oriental Rugs

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